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Stupid Crap All Games Do

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I’ve felt this way for a while about a few things ALL games are guilty of and it annoys me so much.  There are probably many reasons for the things I’m about to list but to me they just flat out piss me off and make it take longer than necessary to get into the game.  Some games have one or two, others have all of these.

1. Publisher logo, unskippable mostly, loads up.
2. Game maker / designer logo loads, again mostly unskippable.
3. Licensing crap, always unskippable.
4. Intro movie, usually skippable but only needed once surely.

I’m probably missing out some that I’ve forgotten but these are the ones that get to me most so I remember them more.  I paid for the game, I KNOW who made it, published it and all that shit so WHY, WHY do I have to sit through the same crap every time I load the game?!  What purpose does it serve?  I’d really love to know what the purpose is for them.  The licensing crap I can perhaps understand as being part of the agreement but the rest could show ONCE when you first play the game and then never again.

PC games are bad enough but most allow some degree of skipping which is something, even if not ideal, but console games have nothing.  I could list publishers, game makers and others but I’d be here all day.  Do they think that it makes you suddenly sit up and go, “Oh wow, this was made by <company>, I feel so much happier knowing that!”?  The fucking thing is plastered all over the game box, all over the manual and game literature so why does it have to be in the game as well???

ENOUGH!  One time, when the game is FIRST played, and never again.  I could tolerate that, anything more is like a friend that tells the same joke over and over thinking it’s funny when even the first time you were just being polite.  Nobody cares or wants to know, they just want to play the damn game.

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July 16, 2009 at 1:44 pm

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