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Dreams = bleh

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I’ve been having a lot of dreams the past few weeks and as usual for me the ones I remember are all depressing.  Waking up to face a new day is a challenge at the best of times, waking up to face a new day trembling with fear and gasping for air is ridiculous.  Until the past few weeks I’d be lucky to remember one or two dreams a month but now it’s one or two dreams a night.  I’m stressed to hell all day and now apparently I’m stressed to hell while dreaming too.  It might be related to how worried I am about both parents who have health issues to the point where I wake up if I hear one of them coughing at night in case they’re about to collapse.  Grabbing for the phone in my sleep, listening carefully just in case and hoping it’s nothing.

As if that’s not keeping me stressed 24/7 I can’t pull myself out of the regret phase over some people from my past.  Some that I don’t have any contact with, some that I do have contact with but so infrequently that I long for what we once had.  Is there some trick or technique to forgetting the past and moving on?  I’ve tried a lot of different things but all it takes is a few dreams about them to bring back all those feelings again and I’m back to where I started.

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February 1, 2009 at 6:25 am

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