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Driving license required

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I got a call on Monday from a job recruitment place, it caught me off guard to start with because I haven’t signed up to anywhere.  It turns out they were looking for people for a job that sounds just ideal for me but then came the deal breaker – no driving license.  It was a job in a nearby city where I’d be going to various client sites to fix problems.  It’s annoying because this isn’t the first job I’d love to have applied for that require a driving license.  There’s no way to get around this either because there is no way for me to get a license on the little money that unemployment pays.

How do you get a license or even lessons when you can barely pay the bills you have currently?  It’s so frustrating!  The worst part is that there are FREE lessons available to people who live in a really crappy area, more crappy than the area I live in, but still in the same city.  How unfair is it that an area that is quite literally full of criminals, thugs and drug users get this big advantage and no other areas do?  I’ve asked if there’s anything similar available or any other way that I could get something similar but there’s nothing.  Grrrr!!

Written by r4wr

March 10, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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