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Interweb semi-hiatus

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I figured I might as well put this here since I seem to be taking a semi-hiatus from interwebbing. Blah de blah, feeling antisocial in general which is annoying. I want to mess around with some things but there are so few times when I feel ok enough to do them. In conclusion, blah!

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May 4, 2009 at 11:46 am

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Nintendo Wii price increase

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I read earlier today about Nintendo confirming they are going to INCREASE the price of the Wii in the UK.  They’re using the poor reasoning of the £ being of a lower value to try to justify increasing the price by around £20.  I thought it was a joke at first, maybe an early April fools joke but no, it’s serious.  A games console that was using old technology when it was released two years ago and is even more outdated now should go only one way in price and that’s down!  I don’t like the XBOX 360 and I own a PS3 but with price drops for both of them the Wii looks like a very overpriced joke now.

I’m constantly surprised at how Nintendo get away with the crap they do, releasing the same thing with tiny changes and charging the same or more all over again.  It’s nearly as bad with games as it is with the consoles, Mario this, Mario that.  I’m so tired of Mario games!  I’ll read a lot how there’s no originality in FPS games like Crysis or F.E.A.R. 2 but they’re so much better than Mario with new graphics.  At least they have something of a story compared to the tripe of the Mario games.  I don’t care if he’s in a kart instead of jumping down pipes, where’s the originality in it?  It’s a racing game but I never hear anyone slating it for lack of originality.  How do Nintendo get away with it so often?  Grrrr!

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March 12, 2009 at 11:17 pm

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Driving license required

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I got a call on Monday from a job recruitment place, it caught me off guard to start with because I haven’t signed up to anywhere.  It turns out they were looking for people for a job that sounds just ideal for me but then came the deal breaker – no driving license.  It was a job in a nearby city where I’d be going to various client sites to fix problems.  It’s annoying because this isn’t the first job I’d love to have applied for that require a driving license.  There’s no way to get around this either because there is no way for me to get a license on the little money that unemployment pays.

How do you get a license or even lessons when you can barely pay the bills you have currently?  It’s so frustrating!  The worst part is that there are FREE lessons available to people who live in a really crappy area, more crappy than the area I live in, but still in the same city.  How unfair is it that an area that is quite literally full of criminals, thugs and drug users get this big advantage and no other areas do?  I’ve asked if there’s anything similar available or any other way that I could get something similar but there’s nothing.  Grrrr!!

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March 10, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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Walkers Crisps – do us a flavour “competition”

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There’s a crisp maker in the UK (potato chip for others) by the name of Walkers and they make a lot of very popular crisps.  Last year they ran a competition where you could suggest a flavour you’d love to see and the overall winner will get £10,000 and a portion of profits from the winning flavour.  I put a few entries in myself but wasn’t too serious about it, my sister had a few ideas too and we spent some time putting together one fairly good entry along with a pretty good image to accompany it.  In the event a lot of people suggested the same flavour the one they judged that had the best image would be chosen so it did make a difference, supposedly.

This past month they’ve announced six flavours that the public can pick from and vote for with the winner being decided from that.  What six flavours are they?  The most pathetic, disgusting sounding flavours I could imagine!  It makes me wonder if they did it on purpose so that any sales will be low before the flavour is killed off, thus limiting what they have to pay to the final winner.  I’ll list the flavours under this but suffice to say that I won’t be trying ANY of them.  I’m interested to see what is eventually shown as the winner but I’m already guessing it’ll be one of the more obvious and less disgusting choices.

1.  Builder’s Breakfast – egg, bacon, sausage and beans
2.  Crispy Duck and Hoisin
3.  Onion Bhaji
4.  Chilli & Chocolate
5.  Fish & Chips
6.  Cajun Squirrel

OK, let’s take a look at that list.  Chilli and chocolate…. you’re telling me that it was a highly suggested flavour?  I don’t buy that one bit.  Cajun Squirrel?  What?  Why?  Is it April 1st already?  The other four flavours I could maybe see being somewhat popular but there were some I suggested that had been suggested already by a lot of others and I refuse to believe that the two I listed were more popular.  Out of those six disgusting flavours I’d be surprised if the winner wasn’t either Builder’s Breakfast or Onion Bhaji with Fish & Chips an outside bet.  Anything else that wins will prove to me that the so-called competition wasn’t serious about picking a popular flavour and more about picking one that would limit the money they’d have to pay to the overall winner.

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February 13, 2009 at 11:05 pm

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Are lies ever ok?

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I’ve been talking to someone lately and we seem to be getting along pretty well which is unusual for me.  Usually it will start of slow and stay that way for a while before any hint of getting along well comes along.  I’ve had plenty of crap in the past where I’ve let myself go fully into it and been burned for that so I’m trying to control how far I let myself go this time.  Due to impending death (tribunal on Monday 9th) I’m pretty highly strung right now and anxiety is playing a part in making me distance myself from everyone.  To their credit the person didn’t run away and I was glad about that thinking maybe, just maybe, it would be different this time.

Fast foward to tonight and while talking and on cam I can see them typing away like nobodies business and laughing but they weren’t talking to me so I asked what was funny and who they were talking to.  The answer?  “Noone” ….. I tried to let it go but couldn’t so I waited a few more minutes, saw more laughing and typing that wasn’t to me and I asked the same question.  Same answer.  Why lie?  You’re obviously talking to SOMEONE.  If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine, tell me that but DON’T lie to me.  You wondered if something was wrong, yeah… you lied.  I don’t care if it was nothing, you chose to lie and it made me so angry.  I don’t see there ever being a time where lying is ok, especially not to someone you claim to love.

What’s going to happen now?  I’ve got no idea.  I’m not going to apologise for being upset when the reason I’m upset is that you lied to me for whatever reason you might have.  What if it means it ends here too?  Then so be it.  I’m tired of being lied to, I don’t care if it was nothing.  If it really was nothing you could’ve told me, it isn’t like I’m constantly looking over your shoulder quizzing you ever second of the day.  If I was like that I might understand but I’m not.  Will it end?  I don’t know but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did and for what?  A stupid lie that was so obvious.  Did you forget I was watching your cam too as well as the other person you weren’t (no typo there) talking to?  Say whatever to me when I mention all this?  Yeah.. nice one.  Don’t expect me to magically have forgotten about this when you feel like talking to me again.

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February 7, 2009 at 12:52 am

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Dreams = bleh

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I’ve been having a lot of dreams the past few weeks and as usual for me the ones I remember are all depressing.  Waking up to face a new day is a challenge at the best of times, waking up to face a new day trembling with fear and gasping for air is ridiculous.  Until the past few weeks I’d be lucky to remember one or two dreams a month but now it’s one or two dreams a night.  I’m stressed to hell all day and now apparently I’m stressed to hell while dreaming too.  It might be related to how worried I am about both parents who have health issues to the point where I wake up if I hear one of them coughing at night in case they’re about to collapse.  Grabbing for the phone in my sleep, listening carefully just in case and hoping it’s nothing.

As if that’s not keeping me stressed 24/7 I can’t pull myself out of the regret phase over some people from my past.  Some that I don’t have any contact with, some that I do have contact with but so infrequently that I long for what we once had.  Is there some trick or technique to forgetting the past and moving on?  I’ve tried a lot of different things but all it takes is a few dreams about them to bring back all those feelings again and I’m back to where I started.

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February 1, 2009 at 6:25 am

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Mood swings

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I’ve tried to avoid anything that might bring on a mood swing from situations to people to places.  For the most part I’ve managed to do it but there have been a few times when I can be around someone, anyone, and all they have to do is talk.  It doesn’t matter what it’s about or even if they’re talking to me, just talking can be enough to set off the feeling of rage and anger inside me.  I don’t always notice it but it’s definitely there and trying to figure out the reason behind it is proving more than a little difficult.

I know what the main root cause is, my anxiety and panic attacks, but I don’t know what it is in the situations that provokes the response.  I hope I can figure it out sooner rather than later because I don’t enjoy feeling that way and it’ll only take one slip for me to really fly off the handle and tear into someone.

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January 26, 2009 at 6:03 pm

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