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Annoying Website Tactics

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I’m so tired of running into websites with articles I might like to read only to find that instead of putting it on maybe one or two pages they’ve split it into as many small pages as possible to increase ad viewing. The first thing I do when that happens is make a mental note to avoid the site in the future. The second thing I do is leave the site.

If the article is a long list then perhaps I can understand it but as an example earlier today I Stumbled into a top 50 something or other. How many pages would you expect? One long page? Two pages with 25 items each? Nope.. At an outside stretch I might tolerate five pages with 10 items each. This particular site had somehow managed to stretch it to eight pages. Yes, eight pages with five items in very short paragraphs on each… WHY?! GREED! STOP IT!!

Written by r4wr

January 14, 2009 at 5:21 pm