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No more big bore!

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Yes! I just heard the awesome news that Big Bore (Brother) is being axed.   About damn time! Every time it came around to a new series it was hyped up with twists added to try and make it interesting.   What’s interesting about watching people in a house with not a lot to do?

Let’s not forget the ‘celebrities’ that it helped create.  Actually no, let’s forget them.   Useless bunch that did nothing for anyone but themselves.  Does that sound wrong?  I don’t mind people doing things for themselves but to become rich for repeatedly making an ass of yourself on TV and then in the papers is sickening.

I never liked the show from the very first series onwards, never appealed to me in the slightest but then none of the myriad of reality TV shows have ever appealed to me.  I don’t want to watch that crap or anything similar.  Are ideas really for TV shows really that thin on the ground that all we can have now are the same tired reality-type or rehashes of past shows?

Some rehashes work, specifically thinking of Battlestar Galactica when saying this, but in general it’s lazy, uncreative and really disappointing if you were fond of the original.  The worst part is when a really promising show gets cancelled for one of these ratings magnets.  At least now there’s one less and maybe the rest will follow suit to make way for new, quality shows.  Maybe that’ll happen, and maybe I’ll become rich over night with my bank magically bulging with millions of pounds…

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August 26, 2009 at 12:16 pm

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